Protein bars - Testers reveal the secret!

The protein bars listed here are based on scientific research, with the exception of the products that have been tested on people. This page is a great place to get a basic overview of protein bars and help you decide what to get!

Some protein bars are a bit too salty. This is not a problem for most people. It will depend on the flavor. I recommend starting with a flavor that is bland, without any added flavor, and tasting to see if it is good. Some flavorings are better than others.

Some people don't eat their protein bars throughout the day, as they get full. That is fine. Just remember to add one or two extra servings to the day's total. This can be a challenge. You will notice when you are trying to eat more protein than you do in a day. I would recommend starting with just a couple servings of protein every day, and add to that as your body adapts to the high-protein diet. My goal is to eat a little less than 1 serving per day per person, so that each person has a small serving of protein. To make your life easier, I would also suggest adding a few protein bars per day, so that you don't need to worry about finding a bar every day.

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