Light skin - Testers reveal the secret!

I have tested many of the products on my own. Some of them can give temporary results, some can give permanent results. You should try them for yourself. If you're concerned about any results, talk to your doctor. Read the full ingredients of each product before you try them. If you don't know the brand name, search on google and look up the manufacturer. For example, if you search "Nivea" you'll get the Nivea brand. If you search "SkinCeuticals" you'll get the SkinCeuticals brand. You should be able to figure it out yourself.

What are the ingredients in a product?

Ingredients are the smallest parts of a product that are considered "diluted" ingredients. These are basically ingredients that are used to enhance or strengthen the performance of a product.

If a product contains the same ingredient in different doses, then the ingredient is diluted.

Examples of dilution are a cream or lotion which contains two ingredients with the same number of drops of that ingredient.

Why would I use a dilution when you only have two drops of a particular ingredient in your product? The reason is that if one drop of the second ingredient is too strong, then there is a chance of damaging the other ingredient.

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